Regional Revitalization

Policy & Approach

As part of the Group’s social contribution activities—which are one of a company’s obligations—Prestige International has long been carrying out initiatives to enrich the local community. Through our establishment of BPO centers, beginning with the Tohoku region, the Group is continuously working to provide environments in regional areas where young people and women can play active roles with peace of mind over the long term and achieve community invigoration.


Utilization Rate (as of the end of March 2023)

BPO centers Establishment Number of places Capacity Rate *
Akita BPO Main Campus October, 2003 1,500 96.9%
Yamagata BPO Park November, 2013 912 78.3%
Toyama BPO Town April, 2015 1,078 77.8%
Yamagata BPO Park Tsuruoka Branch October, 2018 126 89.7%
Akita BPO Yokote Campus April, 2019 511 71.2%
Niigata BPO Uonuma Terrace October, 2019 260 40.0%
Iwate BPO Ichinoseki Branch April, 2021 94 81.9%
Akita BPO Nikaho Campus April, 2022 519 59.3%
Total 5,000 79.5%
  1. * Number of incumbents (including temporary workers)/Number of places)

Cooperation with Municipalities

Prestige International concluded agreements with the municipalities where our BPO centers have been established with the aim of promoting mutual cooperation and other initiatives.

Collaboration with Municipalities

Community Collaboration

Local Community Events

To enable the Group to operate as a company rooted in the communities where the BPO centers are located, Prestige International undertakes independent initiatives to assist in community invigoration in addition to participating in and providing cooperation for local events.

Examples of events hosted in 2023

Yamagata BPO Park Aranmare Cup SAKATA
Akita BPO Yokote Campus The 3rd Aranmare Cup YOKOTE
Iwate BPO Ichinoseki Branch PI Summer Festival
Akita BPO Nikaho Campus Summer Festival TSUKUMO 2023

Examples of events participated in 2023

Akita BPO Main Campus Akita Kanto Festival
Toyama BPO Town 02 MEGURU Marche
TOYAMA Marathon 2023
Icchan! Relay Marathon 2023
Akita BPO Yokote Campus Yokote 's Okuribon Festival
Iwate BPO Ichinoseki Branch KAWASAKI Summer Festival Fireworks Display
Akita BPO Nikaho Campus YUMENOSAITEN in SHIOKAZE Summer Festival Fireworks Display

Prestige International presents

Held under the theme of “Bringing Japanese girls’ culture to the world,“ the Tokyo Girls’ Collection (TGC) is the largest fashion festival in Japan. Since 2009, this festival has also been held in regional cities as a regional revitalization project. Because TGC’s philosophy matches the goal of promoting women’s empowerment and invigorating communities and the Group feels that the event has the potential of realizing further community invigoration, Prestige International sponsored the first TGC event to be held in the Hokuriku region, “Prestige International presents TGC Toyama 2018 by Tokyo Girls’ Collection,” in 2018, and the second held in the region, “Prestige International presents TGC Toyama 2019 by Tokyo Girls’ Collection,” in 2019 as a Platinum Partner. Over the two years, the event attracted around 14,350 visitors in total, promoting Toyama Prefecture as a region that is appealing for young people and women—a place where they can fulfill their dreams and shine.

press release [PDF: 520KB]

Opening New BPO Centers

New Center: Akita BPO Nikaho Campus

Since 2014, Prestige International has conducted business in three locations within Nikaho City, Akita Prefecture. In 2022, these offices will be consolidated in the new company building, the Akita BPO Nikaho Campus, with part of the enhanced facilities made available to members of the local community as a security-free area.

press release [PDF: 176KB]

Location 84-1 Aza-Sakaida, Hirasawa, Nikaho-shi, Akita 018
Total site area 26,685.37㎡
Number of seats 500
Major Facilities Cafeteria, In-house power generator, etc.
Value of Total Investment 2 billion yen
Establishment April, 2022

2024 – Iwate BPO Fortress

Scheduled to open in April 2024, this is the first Prestige International BPO center to be established on the Pacific Ocean side of Japan. The new company building will also serve as a carbon-neutral model facility and IT base within the Prestige International Group. Currently the center is operating as the Iwate BPO Ichinoseki Branch in Ichinoseki-city.



press release [PDF: 383KB]

Address Yanomezawa Mashiba Ichinoseki-city, Iwate
Total site area 51,380㎡
Number of seats 500 seats

Operation Room / Cafeteria / Day Care Center / Gym / Seminar Room / In-house Power GeneratorAccommodation

Value of Total Investmen Approx. 2 billion yen
Start of operations April, 2024 (tentative)

2026 – Akira BPO Katagami Campus (Provisional name)

For a long time, Prestige International had more than 2,000 employees at three bases within Akita Prefecture. However, because the region’s attractiveness and value are becoming known and praised by customers due to the services, it was decided to establish a fourth Akita base in Katagami City, and a location agreement signing ceremony was held with Akita Prefecture and Katagami City in April 2022. Under the concept of “Bringing prosperity to the region’s future,” the Group is planning a base that will be the culmination of the existing bases in the region.

press release [PDF: 362KB]

Address Kitanohasunumamaeyama Showaokubo Katagami-city, Akita (c/o Showa Industrial Zone)
Total site area 8.8 ha
Total floor area 8,000㎡
Number of seats Start of operations:240 seats
Future target:800 seats

Operation Room / Cafeteria / Day Care Center / Gym / Seminar Room / In-house Power Generator

Value of Total Investment Approx. 3 billion yen
Start of operations April, 2026 (tentative)

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