Business Model

Providing value unique to the Prestige International Group

There are fields of services that only Prestige International can provide. Realization of high-quality services by regional bases; provision of services through the trinity of contact centers, fields, and IT; and a stable stock business due to high profitability and operating efficiency—these are the strengths unique to the Prestige International Group. In addition, the Group aims to provide BPO×DX value in response to the changes in the social situation and technological advances.

As of March 31, 2024

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Automotive Property Global Customer Financial Guarantee IT
Akita BPO Main Campus
Akita BPO Yokote Campus
Akita BPO Nikaho Campus
Akita BPO Katagami Branch
Akita BPO Daisen Branch
Yamagata BPO Park
Yamagata BPO Park
Tsuruoka Branch
Toyama BPO Town
Niigata BPO Uonuma Terrace
Iwate BPO Fortress
Group Companies


The main clients in this business field include nonlife insurance companies, car manufacturers, and car dealerships. In addition to our roadside assistance services that provide end-users (owners/purchasers of insured vehicles) with telephone and on-site emergency support on a 24-hour basis 365 days a year, Prestige International also provides dealer services, automobile extended warranties, and a wide range of other automotive-related services. The Prestige International Group’s unique roadside assistance services are made possible by high-quality technical capabilities and customer support services.

  • Prestige Core Solution inc.
  • Premier Assist Inc.
  • Premier Assist Network Inc.
  • Premier Lotas Network Inc.
  • Premier Aid Inc.
  • Premier Insurance Solutions Inc.
  • Premier Bright Connect Inc.
  • Prime Assistance Inc.

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The main clients in this business field include real estate management companies and parking lot operators. The Prestige International Home Assist service provides end-users (condominium purchasers and rental property tenants) with equipment repair and inspections in response to water leakage, lock-outs, and house cleaning, as well as other issues. For coin-operated parking lots and other parking facilities, the company provides Park Assist services. In addition, Prestige International is developing a business to provide general BPO services related to pets.

  • Prestige Core Solution inc.
  • Premier Assist Inc.
  • First Living Assistance Co., Ltd.

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The main clients in this business field are nonlife insurance companies. For people with overseas travel insurance, Prestige International provides Japanese-language reception services on a 24-hour basis 365 days a year, as well as cashless/medical services and other overseas travel insurance claim agent services. Utilizing the expertise and networks in this field, Prestige International is expanding all healthcare programs and medical support programs for injuries and illnesses sustained by Japanese employees from client business corporations while stationed overseas. Furthermore, the Group also offers an original credit card that enables Japanese employees stationed in the United States to pay medical bills in the local currency.

  • Prestige Global Solution inc.
  • Premier IT & Process Management Inc.
  • Premier Insurance Partners Inc.
  • 19 Overseas group companies

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The main clients in this business field are credit card companies, mail order companies, and telecommunications service providers. Prestige International supplies these clients with CRM services, providing value in the form of long-term security and reliability, reduction of management risks, and improved added-value of the products and services that client companies provide to end-users. Prestige International is also expanding the business related to customer service offices and other contact center services, as well as local government agencies, enabling the provision of high-quality services through the IT connections and customer support expertise that Prestige International has accumulated.

  • Prestige Core Solution inc.
  • Prestige Global Solution inc.
  • Prestige Human Solution Inc.
  • Time Commerce Co., Ltd.
  • Premier X-Value Inc.

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Financial Guarantee

In this business field, Prestige International clients include real estate management companies. The Group provides landlords with rent guarantee programs that cover the risk of overdue rent up to a certain amount for a certain period of time. Prestige International also applies this plan in the development of financial guarantee services that lead to peace of mind in everyday living that include medical expense guarantee, nursing care expense guarantee, and child support guarantee services.

  • Entrust Inc.
  • Premier Life Inc.

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Ever since the establishment of Prestige International, the company has been providing the most appropriate IT infrastructure for contact services that act as hubs for client companies and end-users. At the same time as the Group is independently evolving IT mechanisms, Prestige International is pursuing efficiency, safety, and accuracy, providing support for client companies centered on businesses that supply contact services.

  • Time Commerce Co., Ltd.
  • PI EIS Insurance Technology Inc.

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In this business field, the aim is to realize growth for the Prestige International Group through community invigoration. These activities are centered on Aranmare, which takes a leading role in community cooperation and invigoration by operating local sporting teams, and Orangery, which supports people who work while raising children.

  • Prestige International Inc.
  • Prestige Core Solution inc.

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Services by Industry (Services Search)

At Prestige International Group, personnel stay closely tuned to the problems particular to each type of business/industry by addressing the needs of client companies and utilizing the expertise and knowledge that has been accumulated since the founding of Prestige International.

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