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Prestige International was founded in 1986, during a time when the number of Japanese people traveling overseas began to increase. For most of these travelers, it was their first visit to another country. The concept for our business was born from the desire to assist Japanese people traveling overseas to resolve the problems that they encountered in countries with different languages and customs. Today, when both society and the times have changed, we are continuing to develop businesses aimed at addressing a diversity of issues.

KEYWORD3 Strengths

Prestige International Group offers services through contact centers where we listen to the voices of customers with field staff who find solutions on-site by coupling collaboration with IT skills.
This system is unique to Prestige International Group and is also our target. In order to respond to the changing needs of end-users, we consider and provide a variety of different systems and services together with clients.

Group Companies

KEYWORD7 Business

Many of the businesses developed by the Prestige International Group were established to create and provide end-users with the services they need based on the idea of listening to people who have a problem and lead them to a solution, a concept that has remained unchanged since the company’s establishment.