Message from CEO

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our best wishes to all of our shareholders and investors. We sincerely appreciate your continued support for Prestige International Inc.
Since our founding in 1986, we have developed a variety of businesses to solve the inconveniences and problems that end-users face with changes in society and the times by carefully listening to and attending to their issues.
Our business started with a 24/7 support service for Japanese overseas travelers. Having expanded its clients to credit card and insurance companies, the business now encompasses a wide range of fields such as the automotive, housing and IT industries. The driving force to always view a situation from the client's perspective with a high level of hospitality is a reflection of our strong desire to contribute to people and society.
Our service has three features. We have BPO contact centers in local cities starting with our first establishment in Akita in 2003, where we develop human resources to respond to customers' inquiries. Next, we have a Field service backed by advanced technologies for rapid response. And the third is IT technology that supports services that only people can provide. By integrating these three strengths, we aim to achieve sustainable growth and increase corporate value in an environment that is expected to undergo increasingly significant change.
In April 2022, we made a fresh start in the Prime Market with the market restructuring of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We will do our utmost to meet the expectations of our shareholders and investors by promoting constructive dialogue with investors domestically and globally. We will greatly appreciate your continued guidance and encouragement in the years to come.

April, 2022

Shinichi Tamagami
Prestige International Inc.