Social Media Policy

The Prestige International Group strictly complies with this policy with regard to social media usage.

1. Awareness and responsibility regarding disseminating and responding to information on social media

Before disseminating information on social media, be aware that the information can be accessed by an unspecified number of social media users from all kinds of backgrounds and circumstances. Once disseminated on social media, the information can never be completely erased. Employees must be conscious of the fact that the information they disseminate individually impacts the world in no small way so they must be careful to avoid causing misunderstandings.

2. Promotion of communication through appropriate sharing of information

Remembering to listen attentively to the opinions of our stakeholders.
Be aware that strengthening relationships with stakeholders through communication is not only useful in resolving stakeholders’ problems but also significantly contributes to boosting the corporate brand. In addition to enhancing your own personal value as an employee through your individual experiences, endeavor to broadly share what you have learned with others both inside and outside the company while contributing to the growth of many individuals and the community.

3. Strict compliance with in-house and external regulations/rules

In addition to complying with laws and ordinances, the Prestige International Group Code of Conduct, and the rules and regulations prescribed by each Group member company, take responsibility for your own actions and use good common sense as an adult member of society when using social media.

Use of social media

Guidelines for employees’ use of social media in both a work and private capacity shall be prescribed separately from this policy.

Notice and requests of our customers and service users

Please be advised that none of the information disseminated on social media by employees of the Prestige International Group or Group member companies necessarily reflects the official announcements or opinions of the Prestige International Group. Official announcements by the Group are disseminated via the official Prestige International website and press releases. Interaction methods (whether or not responses can be sent, response method, response times, etc.) differ depending on the account.


The Prestige International Group operates the following official accounts.

Inquiries regarding our social media policy

Any inquiries regarding the Prestige International Group’s use of social media should be submitted using the “Inquiries Regarding Other.