Resolving local community issues that cannot be resolved by creating jobs through the establishment of BPO centers alone is an important issue for the Prestige International Group, and the objective of its social business activities is to achieve community invigoration and corporate growth. The Prestige International Aranmare women’s sports teams are hubs of their local communities, undertaking co-creation activities together with local government agencies and partner businesses in order to develop the community. The Group is implementing a variety of initiatives that include Orangery Day Care Centers, which have been established at BPO centers in every region to support people who are working and raising children at the same time.

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Aranmare aims to create sports teams that are symbols of support for women

Prestige International Aranmare currently comprises a women’s basketball team based at a Prestige International BPO centers in Akita City, Akita Prefecture; a women’s volleyball team based in Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture; and a women’s handball team based in Imizu City, Toyama Prefecture. All three teams compete under the same team name of Aranmare. Under the concepts of “Teams that are beloved by and grow together with their community” and “Teams that increase places where women can play an active role and that become symbols of support for women,” Prestige International Aranmare aims to invigorate communities even further through sports activities and the proactive participation in activities rooted in the local community and the creation of employment environments where women and young people can hold onto their dreams while working.

The Prestige International Aranmare

Prestige International’s Orangery day care business is changing the working styles of local residents

Prestige International established day care centers within the BPO centers out of the desire to provide a place where parents can continue to play an active role from a long time and raise children, even when experiencing life stage changes. By creating an environment in which parents can have peace of mind while working in the knowledge that their children are close by—not only providing as much support as possible to as many of our employees as possible but also responding to the needs of people working for nearby businesses and providing a means of reducing the local government’s day care center waiting list—Prestige International is endeavoring to further deepen collaboration with and contribute to the local community.

Orangery Day Care Centers

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