Top Commitment

Through our business activities, we contribute to society by leading the way to the solutions for the many problems that exist in the world.

Prestige International Group values the people who sustain these business activities — our employees, their families, and community members — can live abundant everyday lives.

Shinichi Tamagami

Prestige International Group’s Model for Truly Giving Back to the Community

The Prestige International Group is aware that creating employment opportunities by establishing bases in regional areas, and thereby revitalizing local communities, is an important issue. We aspire to serve as a model for giving back to the community whereby driving economic circulation that reinvests profits into the local community and cooperating with municipalities to create a safe and secure living environment results in an environment that enables the discovery of a variety of different possibilities, leading to our company’s growth and further reinvestment in the local community. In addition, by generating business that takes advantage of regional bases, we are providing even more services that only people can provide, as well as carrying out investment that looks to the next generation while focusing on the value of disseminating our corporate environmental vision and promoting the digital transformation (DX) in consideration of the environment. Moving forward, we will continue our efforts to build a sustainable environment.

Local community growth resonates with our group’s growth➡Profits obtained in the local community are reinvested in the local community