Sustainability Policy/Structure

Sustainability Policy

Even since our establishment, the Prestige International Group has been committed to providing solutions to the problems of end-users (consumers) and formulated  listening to the inconveniences and problems of end-users (consumers) while creating business initiatives leading to solutions and thereby resolving social issues through the development of these initiatives and achieving growth as an enterprise capable of contributing to society as the Group Management Philosophy. Accordingly, we aspire to being an enterprise that contributes to society by providing resolutions to social issues and enabling both society and the local community to flourish.
In addition, devising and implementing initiatives to achieve a sustainable society are an obligation incumbent on enterprises; therefore, we believe that it is important to maintain balance between achieving growth as a business and fulfilling social responsibilities.
To this end, the entire Prestige International Group is working proactively as one to realize a sustainable society through an array of services as an enterprise that society trusts under appropriate corporate governance using the shared emotion born from interpersonal connections as our motivating force for creating new value.


The Prestige International Group has established a Sustainability Committee to examine the environmental aspects and the issues demanded by society. Regular committee meetings are generally convened once every quarter; however, meetings are held as necessary. The Sustainability Committee also considers the relevance of sustainability issues to the risks pertaining to management and business activities that have been considered by the Risk Management and Compliance Committee, evaluates the possibility/frequency of such risks occurring, and in the event a risk should arise, evaluates its impact and identifies its importance. Where necessary, the Committee reports to the Executive Board and/or Board of Directors to ensure that measures are reflected in the Group’s strategies and implemented under the Board of Directors’ supervisory system.

Corporate Governance System

Corporate Governance System chart