Towards the arrival of the EV mobility society

Resolving new problems for the mobility society of the future to become a presence that supports EV mobility infrastructure

Evolution of existing services

Utilizing our strength of having a broad customer perspective for the entrance point of problems (contact centers) to the exit point of a resolution (field), we will evolve our existing services.

  • Roadside assistance unacquired market share


  • Accident reception service unacquired market

    1 million / 1.4 million cases

Using our strength of being able to provide a broad range of one-stop services and evolving our existing services


  • New accident reception service model (Accident reception service + Roadside service =+α customer experience)
  • New replacement vehicle arrangement model (Tow truck + Replacement vehicle delivery =+α customer experience)
  • Expand roadside assistance service network
  • Human resources training at the TOYAMA Training Field
  • Respond to CONNECTED and emergency calls through coordination with automobile manufacturers

Development of services for the future

We will expand the scope of solutions so that we steadily respond to changing demand.

  • 100% of car sales in Japan will be electric cars from 2035
  • The future of mobility will change tremendously with the spread of self-driving cars and car-sharing.
  • Although analog problems of accidents and equipment malfunctioning will decrease with the advances in technology, digital problems will continue to occur.

Pouring effort into the development of new services that adapt to the mobility society of the future