Company Logo

The square shape that forms the outside of the logo depicts a window that reveals a cropped view of the world. As we look closely at society, the "P" letter appears and disappears therein. In this way, Prestige International makes contributions in the interests of society, at times in visible ways, and others sight unseen.
This logo embodies our vision for Prestige International. Please watch this video about the logo to gain a greater understanding of its significance.

Taku Satoh


Taku Satoh
Graphic Designer

Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music (now Tokyo University of the Arts) , where he completed his master's degree in 1981. First I worked at Dentsu Inc., Japan's largest and most influential advertising agency, and he've established the Taku Satoh Design Office (now TSDO Inc.) in 1984.

Satoh has been involved in product development, product design, logo and symbol design, and graphic design for several enterprises. He works in a broad, diverse range of fields of participating in exhibitions and writing books in addition to his design work.