Akita BPO Nikaho Campus

Prestige International's Akita BPO Nikaho Campus provides spacious office spaces centered around a courtyard inspired by the Kujukushima (Ninety-Nine Islands) area, a national natural monument located in Kisakata, Nikaho City. As a company rooted in the community, our goal is to be a driving force behind local invigoration. The well-equipped facilities set up in security-free areas of the center—including a cafeteria and training studio—are also open to local residents.

BPO Name Akita BPO Nikaho Campus
Access 1 hour drive from Akita Airport
5 min drive from Nikaho Station(JR Uetsu Line)
Total site area 26,685㎡
Number of seats 500 seats
  • Cafeteria
  • Seminar Room
  • Gym
  • In-house Power Generator
  • Others (Parking, etc.)
Value of Total Investment 2billion yen
Establishment April, 2022


  • Contact Center Awards 2022
    Excellence Award in the Office Environment Award Category
  • Nikkei New Office Awards
    Tohoku New Office Promotion Award
    Director-General Award of Tohoku Bureau of Economy Trade and Industry

Special contents

Corresponding Business


  • Entrance

  • Operation Room

  • Seminar Room


  • Central Garden

  • Refresh Area

  • Street

  • Meeting Room

  • Gym