Medium Term Business Plan

*The information is as of May 2021 (during the fiscal year ending March 2022).

Long Term Vision

As a value-creating company,
we will create services that solve social issues

The World in 10 Years

  • Post DX
  • Aging society
  • Widening regional disparities
  • Environmental problems

PI in 10 Years

  • Enhancing our role as a value-creating company.
  • Utilize DX and the expansion of BPO bases that provide PI-like services with hospitality provided by people to create jobs.
  • Job creation by the expansion of BPO sites.
  • Create an inclusive work environment in which diverse people, including women and people with disabilities, are able to perform well.

Medium-Term Business Plan 2022-2024 “Value-creating company”

Financial Targets (FY2024.3)

Sales/operating profit targets (million yen)

figure of Sales/operating profit targets (million yen)

ROA 10 Shift from current assets to fixed assets which are production assets (Increase efficiency)
ROE 13 Shift to an upward trend through a mix of cash management and return policies.
Total Payout Ratio 30% or greater Dividend payout ration of 30% + flexible share buyback depending on market conditions.

Basic policy

  1. Creation of Services Area that can only be realized by PI
    Provide the highest quality operations and field services using people and IT.
  2. Stable and continuous growth
    Use IT to improve the quality of on-site work capabilities through customer service and field services at local BPO sites, and accumulate knowledge and recirculate it as new services.
  3. Create and maintain employment in regional cities
    Yamagata BPO was reborn as Yamagata Park with 1,000 seats instead of 500. New BPO sites to be established, Nikaho to go from 300 to 500 seats, and Ichinoseki to 500 seats.
  4. Create an inclusive work environment
    Enable women’s career advancement, establish a management team that is 50% women, and effectively employ professional and semi-professional athletes to build relationships with communities and promote the company.

Creation of PI-DX Model

With the aim of standardizing BPO operations that have been customized for each client, the Prestige International Group develops system infrastructure at its own risk based on the business expertise of its personnel to create the models provided to clients. This enables the Group to provide clients with the advantages of avoiding the burden of expensive system investment and introducing subscriptions, making it possible for clients to focus on their core business. This also enables the Prestige International Group to streamline introductory training and realize staffing and shift benefits in the areas of BCP and busy period responses, thereby providing value to clients and end-users. Data accumulated in the systems is used in clients’ product development and engagement with the Prestige International Group creating value that is utilized in the creation of new areas of service.


Aim to unify the systems used in contact centers.

  • Simplification

    Support and education for systems that differ from client to client.

  • BCP Support

    Establish support systems for other sites and teams by sharing a common system.

  • Allows PI to Operate Using its Own System

    Enables further knowledge building and sharing.


Making it possible to provide PI knowledge utilization services to new fields through a common system

  • System Sharing

    Spot services can be provided based on service scale, target industry, and company.

  • Subscription

    No initial investment required, reducing installation costs.
    New contract models can be offered.


Aiming to provide new customer value through knowledge sharing

  • Creation of Unique Service Value for PI

  • Strengthen Ties with a Society that is Turning toward DX

  • Value Creation

    Business development from the customer's perspective.

Strategies by Segment


  • Providing greater value through IT for roadside assistance and customer support Pursuit of value (greater satisfaction)
  • Further growth by providing extra additional value

By preparing new platforms based on the expertise and data accumulated thus far and expanding into new markets outside automobiles, the Prestige International Group aims to achieve further growth with Organic Growth Plus α strategies. Prestige International also provides operational and platform systems for accident reception services related to injuries or fire. Clients can use these services through a subscription model that does not require an initial fee.
The automobile industry faces a once-in-a-100-year period of tremendous change. Prestige International will continue to provide safety and peace of mind through the nationwide branding of its on-site response service PREMIER Assist, which provides operational support that adapts to change and a service that only people can provide, while at the same time acquiring cutting-edge technologies capable of handling repairs ranging from conventional machine repairs to sensor repairs.

Image of Sales by Automotive Business Service

figure of Image of Sales by Automotive Business Service


  • BPO × IT Providing a standard model for housing support
  • Creating businesses that satisfy residents' needsITIT Knowledge Share/Utilize
  • Expansion of touch points (consignment work) in the real estate business
  • Collaboration to expand satisfaction of residents' needsLast Mile Innovation Partner

In order to further realize the needs of residents, Prestige International works in cooperation as a partner to energy companies to establish integrated residential living assistance services. PREMIER Assist on-site response teams are essential for providing these services, and Prestige International is promoting the expansion and improvement of its teams, strengthening of the team networks, and the acquisition of technology and skills by establishing fields that only Prestige International can provide. The Group is also expanding into the pet industry in response to the needs of residents of the increasing number of condominium complexes allowing pets by utilizing the expertise accumulated thus far by the Group to provide pet-related assistance services (counselling, medical house calls, transportation, etc.), in addition to the insurance BPO services (insurance claims, systems, etc.) already provided.


  • Strengthen overseas site infrastructure based on Healthcare Program

To enable the Group to respond to local needs overseas, Prestige International will move forward to acquire not only head office sales markets but also local subsidiary markets overseas. In addition to expanding the selection of services for Japanese company employees stationed overseas and providing further meticulous support with fine attention to detail, Prestige International will also strengthen the maintenance of its network of local overseas operating bases.
Furthermore, the Group will develop IT solutions targeting issues related to personnel affairs overall, including welfare aspects, faced by Japanese companies expanding their businesses overseas. To ensure smooth connections among Prestige International employees, client company employees stationed overseas (members), and local subsidiaries, the Company will develop platform operations aimed at overseas personnel departments that contribute to operational efficiency.

Number of Members from Companies Participating in Prestige International’s Heath Care Program)

figure of Number of Members from Companies Participating in Prestige International’s Heath Care Program)

20,000 members acquired through the expansion of fieldwork to include Japanese client company employees stationed overseas and Japanese nationals living overseas.


  • An important function as a gateway for our business. Continue to Develop High Quality Services.

By providing appropriate workplace environments, Prestige International achieves low job turnover rates, which creates a positive spiral that enables continuous accumulation of knowledge and the provision of high-quality services.

Financial Guarantee

  • Prestige International achieves growth by expanding and improving its strategies linked to social significance and accumulating solid stock models and steady stock.

Adding to rent guarantees, Prestige International aims to achieve growth through both the healthcare and nursing care markets, which are inseparable. By creating new guarantee plans and pioneering a variety of different opportunities to provide guarantee services within society, as well as to deliver guarantee-based peace of mind, the Group will disseminate guarantee services as a form of social infrastructure.


  • Improving the value of services that can only be provided by people

Connecting operations and field support to build infrastructure supporting clients’ promotion of business.
The Iwate BPO Center (provisional name), which will be opened in Iwate in the fiscal year ending March 2024, will develop and create new services as an IT strategic base.



  • All of the Aranmare teams are in the top league


  • Strengthening ties with local communities
  • Responding to local needs

Our Engagement in Social Business

  • Aiming to provide services for social contribution projects
  • Regional revitalization projects, regional innovation funds


Prestige International contributes to society by creating the means to resolve the numerous problems existing in the world through its business activities. To ensure that employees (who sustain these activities), family members, and members of the local community can lead rich and fulfilling daily lives, Prestige International values people. This is the Prestige International Group’s approach to ESG.

Prestige International Group’s Model for Truly Giving Back to the Community

figure of Prestige International Group’s Model for Truly Giving Back to the Community

BPO Sites
In addition to Akita,
Yamagata, Toyama,
expanded in
Niigata and Iwate

5 Prefectures
8 Sites 6,000 Seats

Regional Revitalization・ESG

figure of Regional Revitalization・ESG

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