IT/DX for realizing high-quality services that only humans can provide

As underlying support for the business activities of the Prestige International Group overall, business operations are comprehensively carried out through the provision of core systems and IT technology. In addition to constructing and maintaining telecommunications systems, which are essential for contact business activities, Prestige International independently develops and operates automated tools for arrangement and appraisal, providing environments that enable maximum demonstration of people’s capabilities through the utilization of IT.

Major Clients (Client Enterprises)

Major Non-life Insurance Companies, Car Manufacturers, Car Dealerships, Condominium developers and real estate management companies, Car leasing companies, facilities maintenance companies, Contact Centers Operating companies, etc.

Service characteristics

New possibilities realized by IT solutions

With the knowledge accumulated from having enterprises from a diversity of industries, the Prestige International Group can present new possibilities utilizing IT. For example, in emergencies, such as a car accident, immediately conveying location information and images using IT solutions enables swift and precise responses. Using IT for not only obtaining and sharing information but also making background inquiries, receiving new information, and remote monitoring has the effect of more efficiently performing the work as assigned, thereby enabling Prestige International to pour even greater energy into providing services that only people can perform, such as services that are closely in-tune with end-users.

Looking 10 years ahead to expanded demand and scale

By combining Supply Chain Management (SCM)—positioned as the most important competitive strategy for companies—with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions—which has long been a strength of the Prestige International Group—the company will realize both shorter delivery times and appropriate inventory and provide client enterprises with support for them to maximize their potential. Prestige International will also construct scalable systems to respond to constantly changing business needs and continuously apply to IT markets these needs.

Details of services/provider companies