Dividend Payments


Dividend policy

Prestige International believes that distributing profits to shareholders is an important management responsibility. Based on the future business plan, the enhancement of internal reserves for business expansion, the level of consolidated profit and the situation of cash flow, we will continue and stably execute the plan.Our basic policy is to pay dividends twice a year as interim and year-end dividends. The board of directors is the decision-making body for dividends (as stipulated in Article 459, Paragraph 1 of the Companies Act).

The company considers the return of profits to shareholders to be one of the most important management challenges. With regard to dividends, we had set a target total return ratio of 30% or more, taking into account the consolidated base earnings level and cash flow situation, as well as future business plans and the availability of funds to expand the scale of our business. In the 8th medium-term business plan, we believe that in order for the Group to continue to grow, it is necessary to assess the future value of tangible and intangible management resources and quickly reallocate resources to businesses with higher growth potential. The Company intends to invest underlying cash flow from operations in priority growth areas. 
At the same time, as part of Management that is Conscious of Capital Efficiency, we also see improving ROE as a long-term challenge and goal for increasing corporate value, including a review of the current levels of capital and equity ratios.

Based on the above, the Company will double the current dividend of 12 yen per share to 24 yen per share for the fiscal year ending March, 2025, the first year of the plan, increase the dividend payout ratio to over 60% or more by fiscal year ending March, 2026, and target a total return ratio of over 70% or more by the final year, including share repurchases of up to 3 billion yen, and expand our shareholder returns policy and earnings to make the Company an attractive investment for investors.

Forecasts for the Fiscal Year 2025.3

As of May 10, 2024

Dividend per Share (yen) Consolidated Dividend Payout Ratio (%)
FY2025.3 12.00 12.00 24.00 57.7

Dividend Trends

Dividend per Share (yen) Consolidated Dividend Payout Ratio (%)
Interim End-of-term Annual
FY2024.3 6.00 6.00 12.00 26.5
FY2023.3 5.00 6.00 11.00 26.4
FY2022.3 4.00 4.50 8.50 25.0
FY2021.3 3.50 3.50 7.00 30.2
FY2020.3 3.50 3.50 7.00 28.1
  • * Prestige International implemented a two-for-one stock split on October 1, 2019. Dividends per share prior to this Date have been adjusted retroactively in consideration of the effect of the stock split.

Shareholder benefits

Prestige International does not currently offer shareholder benefits.