Providing customized medical support and boosting overseas expansion

Prestige International provides support services for Japanese people who become ill or injured while traveling overseas. The service is aimed at non-life insurance companies that provide overseas travel insurance and Japanese companies expanding overseas who have Japanese staff stationed in other countries. For people with overseas travel insurance (Japanese people traveling overseas, Japanese employees stationed overseas, and family members accompanying them), Prestige International provides Japanese-language telephone customer support services on a 24-hour basis 365 days a year and other overseas travel insurance claim agent services, as well as Cashless Medical Service and other medical support. The Group also offers an original credit card that enables travelers to pay medical bills in American dollars. This service meets travelers’ detailed needs while in countries with different social situations through cooperation between the Prestige International global network comprising 28 bases in 18 countries around the world and medical institutions.

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Major Clients (Client Enterprises)

Claim Handling Services

  • Insurance Agencies
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  • Isuzu Motors Limited
  • Kirin Holdings Company, Limited.
  • Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  • Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

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  • Airline Companies

Service Characteristics

Healthcare programs for Japanese employees stationed overseas and accompanying family members

Utilizing the expertise accumulated through Japanese-language customer support services and medical expense reimbursement services, together with a network of overseas medical institutions, Prestige International provides healthcare programs centered on more than 100 major Japanese companies that are expanding overseas. Beginning with the treatment of injuries or illnesses sustained by Japanese employees while stationed overseas or on overseas business trips, Prestige International provides one-stop support for an array of healthcare-related problems experienced by overseas assignees that includes reducing medical expenses and other costs and providing full agent services for insurance claim procedures.

Healthcare program Special Site

Contact centers located throughout the world maintain uniform quality

Prestige International’s overseas contact centers are concentrated in seven main overseas operating bases (Los Angeles, Sydney, London, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Shanghai). We have constructed a management system through which education and training and information sharing from the Tokyo Headquarters is thoroughly implemented. This system is characterized by the uniform quality of services provided across regions.

Permanent Japanese Help Desks at medical institutions

Japanese-speaking personnel are assigned to help desks in affiliated overseas medical institutions, mainly in the Philippines and India, providing support services that allow Japanese patients to undergo medical examinations and treatment overseas with peace of mind. In August 2022, Prestige International opened and began operating its own clinic—the Premier Health Clinic—in India. The Group provides attentive support to alleviate anxiety from falling ill in an unfamiliar environment, lack of understanding about systems and how to choose a hospital, and language barriers.

Japanese Help Desks

Premier Health Clinic

US dollar-denominated PREMIO CARD

Prestige International issues and administers the PREMIO CARD, a US dollar-denominated credit card that is extremely useful when living in the United States. Even people with no credit history in the United States can apply for this credit card! Japanese-language customer support services are provided 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year.


We will continue to provide peace of mind to Japanese people overseas and foreign visitors to Japan

Since the foundation of the company, the Prestige International Group has been developing its global business by providing services to Japanese people traveling or stationed overseas. In future, the Group will continue to utilize the solutions it has accumulated and the networks it has built with medical institutions to expand the existing target fields to also provide services to foreign nationals visiting Japan.


Details of services/provider companies

Overseas Group Companies in 18 Countries

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