Message from CEO

Our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service enables our clients to concentrate their resources on their core businesses. It is an outsourcing service that helps to improve business efficiency and to minimize expenses. We assist our clients in improving end-user satisfaction through value-added services, achieving differentiation, greater competitiveness and improved corporate value.
Group-sponsored BPO is business outsourcing for cost containment and the efficiency of existing businesses. It encourages businesses to focus their resources on core business clients, corporate client satisfaction and higher value-added services to end users, improving their corporate value by encouraging differentiation and competitiveness.
Since our founding, we have achieved sustained growth by constantly creating new services with a philosophy of identifying and resolving areas of end-user inconvenience.
The environment in which we operate is changing rapidly, with declining overseas travel and new car purchases, globalization and other trends. Our Group will create and propose new high value-added services, developing new markets by specializing in BPO, which enables us to solve problems through "people". We will continue to make our "Premier Assist" brand attractive to consumers, and we will become an essential part of our community, always aiming to earn the gratitude of our clients.

March, 2022

Shinichi Tamagami
Prestige International Inc.