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Prestige International isa responsible for providing solutions through communication with end-users, such as application reception and onsite-response for financial services and non-life insurance services. In addition to maximizing product value by improving the customer experience, the company enables the reflection and utilization of end-user voices in product development and management.


For the owners of products/services and end-users, such as the members, the Group is responsible for reducing the workload in ancillary services, maintenance support, updating the different types of information, and a wide range of other services through centralized management by the Prestige International Group.

Real Estate

As part of the after-sales service (which is added value for properties), Prestige International is responsible for providing customer support services and carrying out inspections/repairs. The company also provides rent guarantee services for management companies while supporting tenants’ long-term stable residence by supporting both the client companies and their end-users.


Prestige International responds flexibly even at times when client retailers’ businesses are expanding rapidly, they are carrying out a campaign, or their business is extremely busy due to special demand by sharing knowledge and implementing the most appropriate operating systems. While maintaining high response rates and quality, Prestige International will analyze end-user opinions and provide the client companies with feedback, thereby playing a useful role in further business expansion.

(electricity, gas, medical care, etc.)

Because infrastructure industries of energy and healthcare are closely connected to risks from disasters and epidemics, the Prestige International Group provides strong BCP support through multiple operating bases 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year. In addition, infrastructure industry services may spin off into fields in which the Prestige International Group specializes, such as finance and real estate, where the Group is able to respond flexibly.

Public offices

The Prestige International Group’s existing resources are put to use in handling unexpected work or IT promotion measures by local government agencies

Overseas operating companies

As part of the welfare services for companies expanding overseas, we also offer medical support services for employees stationed overseas.

Examples of Services Provided by Business Field


  • 24-hour-a-year around for customer contact services
  • Car dealer ships support
  • Automobile extension guarantee, etc.
  • Planning, development, operation, and maintenance of arrangement systems for road assistance services

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  • Assistance services for real estate companies (e.g. resolving problems with water leakage, electrical equipment, and incidental equipment)
  • Assistance service for parking lot management companies
  • Housing Equipment Extension Warranty
  • Customer Contact Services
  • Pet-related assistance services (total care such as consultation, home visits, and transportation)
  • Planning, development, operation, and maintenance of the arrangement system

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  • Service to the Insured of overseas travel insurance (24-hour Japanese language reception services, Cashless Medical Services)
  • Healthcare Program , Medical support program , Issue and manage the "PREMIO CARD“ etc.

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  • CRM services
  • Claims Hotline
  • Product Extended Warranties Services
  • Business for municipalities
  • Outsourced office work for Small-amount and Short-term Insurance
  • Development and provision of sales promotion system
  • Temporary Staffing services etc.

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Financial Guarantee

  • Rent guarantee
  • Medical expenses guarantee
  • Nursing care expenses guarantee
  • Guarantee for child support, etc.

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  • Development and operation of core systems, automated assistance arrangement systems, and appraisal systems for a variety of different business fields
  • SCM services
  • Business process consulting, development, and construction, operation, and maintenance

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  • Management of women‘s sports teams Arnmare
  • Childcare Services Orangery
  • Social contributions related to regional revitalization

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