IR Policy

We operate a vigorous program of IR activities to deliver timely and appropriate information fairly to every shareholder and investor.

Disclosure policy

We have disclosed important facts with transparency, fairness, and continuity in compliance with laws such as the Financial Products and Exchange Law and the timely disclosure rule of the Osaka Stock Exchange. We also have a policy of disclosing effective information to assist with understanding our Company and Group, at our own discretion.

Disclosure method of information

We disclose information in compliance with the timely disclosure rule of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We disclose important facts and publish particular information to this website in a timely fashion.
Also, we disclose information not required by the timely disclosure rule, in a timely and fair fashion by distributing presentation materials, publishing it to this website, and other means.
Please note that information published on this website may use expressions that differ from the same information disclosed using other methods.


Please refer not only to this disclosure policy but also to the disclaimers when using this website to find information about the Prestige International Group.