Creating original business fields that serve as entry points for expanding services

This business field creates value in the form of long-term security and reliability, reduction of management risks, and improved added-value of the products and services that client companies provide to end-users. As such, Prestige International is expanding its customer service offices and other customer support services, as well as general equipment warranty services, such as accepting requests to repair broken household appliances or provide technical support. The company is undertaking development in service fields into which the Prestige International Group is venturing for the first time, as well as multiple business fields for which future growth is expected. Utilizing the operational expertise of its contact centers and the human resources with extensive experience due to long-term employment, Prestige International provides a stable supply of high-quality products.

*Approximate number of services per year

  • Number of devices
    covered by warranty


  • Number of calls Received


  • Number of transactions


Major Clients (Client Enterprises)

companies, Electrical equipment manufacturers, Water delivery service companies, Major Online shopping site management companies.

Premier X-Value

  • American Express International, Inc.
  • Credit Saison Co., Ltd.
  • Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
  • Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS Co., Ltd, etc.

*Alphabetical Order, No Honorific.

Service characteristics

High-quality customer services are a strength

Prestige International provides customer services with added value that only people can create by interfacing with a variety of different tools, including telephones, e-mail, chats, and applications. Utilizing the expertise accumulated by the Prestige International Group through these activities, the Group is expanding its services into luxury brand industries. Prestige International also provides support for client companies to increase the value of their services by creating databases of purchasing and call performance data and utilizing analysis tools.

Equipment warranty services utilizing the Prestige International Group’s originality

As part of its warranty services related to equipment and devices, such as the game consoles sold by major electronics stores and smartphones and tablets sold by telecommunications carriers, the company will accept repair requests from end-users, arrange for repairs or replacements with the manufacturers, and manage costs. Prestige International has independently constructed networks with companies providing repair services, and moving forward, the company will build an even greater competitive advantage by providing end-to-end services.

Human resources training for adapting to various industries

Because Prestige International provides accident reception services and product warranty services for client companies in a variety of different industries—credit card companies, mail-order companies, and nonlife insurance companies, the Group also pours efforts and funds into training human resources to be able to adapt to these industries. The Group also supplies local government agencies with support for contact center activities and DX promotion, utilizing its experience to dispatch and introduce high-quality human resources.

Details of services/provider companies