Information Security Initiatives

Information Security Initiatives

In order to protect the diverse information assets of the BPO business from the variety of different threats and to fulfill the Group’s social responsibility as a corporation, the Prestige International Group emphasizes information security in all operations.

Security Policy

Privacy Policy

To ensure a high level of information security and effective use of information assets for management activities, the Group established the various regulations and guidelines, and audits are conducted by our Information Security Department. In addition, all Prestige International Group employees are required to attend information security training when they join the company and again every year.

Information Security Committee

The Information Security Committee was established as a body to examine and make decisions about issues related to information security within the Prestige International Group. The committee’s functions are to establish organizations to review, formulate, and disseminate to the relevant departments the information security policies and ISMS documents prepared by ISMS-certified business offices, as well as to establish organizations to effectively implement security measures in accordance with information security policies. The committee’s main responsibilities are as follows.

  • Decide and approve important matters related to information security
  • Know and improve the company-wide status of information security
  • Promote and raise awareness of information security education

Acquisition of ISMS Certification

To ensure that all customers can use Prestige International Group services with confidence, the Company continued to obtain JIS Q 27001:2014 (ISO/IEC 27001:2013) certification, beginning with the Akita BPO Main Campus, which was certified in March 2005.

List of Registered Locations (as of March 31, 2023)

  • Akita BPO Main Campus
  • Yamagata BPO Park
  • Toyama BPO Town
  • Akita Yokote Campus
  • Yamagata BPO Park Tsuruoka Branch
  • Niigata BPO Uonuma Terrace
  • Akita BPO Nikaho Campus *

* The three Nikaho Branches have been integrated into the Akita BPO Nikaho Campus, which was established in April 2022.

TISAX participant with valid assessment results

Prestige Core Solution inc. was registered as a TISAX participant for the first time in 2020 to comply with information security standards required by our client companies, automotive manufacturers.

Scope Locations

  • Prestige Core Solution inc. (Akita BPO Main Campus)