Further understanding of PI

Catalyst for company’s foundation

Resolving problems—a mission that has remained unchanged even since the company’s foundation

Prestige International Inc. CEO, Shinichi Tamagami lived in the United States for around seven years in his 20s. In his everyday life in the United States, he experienced great difficulty with responding at critical moments due to differences in language and culture. In hospitals, he was unable to convey his symptoms properly. He also experienced difficulties due to differences between Japanese and English when he lost his credit card. This led Mr. Tamagami to ask himself: “Is there anything I could do to support Japanese people living or travelling overseas when they encounter difficulties?” This strong thought led him to establish Prestige International as a business providing assistance services in Japanese following his return to Japan in 1986. At the time, Japan was in the midst of the bubble economy and the number of Japanese people travelling overseas was rapidly increasing. By creating partnerships with credit card companies and nonlife insurance companies, Mr. Tamagami established the foundation for Prestige International’s BPO business. Today, Prestige International operates seven businesses, all of which carry on the company’s founding philosophy of resolving problems.

Business model

Pay-per-product model

The Prestige International Group’s services resolve end-users’ problems on behalf of our client enterprises. That is to say, the company is responsible for providing the client company’s actual services, and so once Prestige International has concluded a partnership agreement with a client, as a general rule, the company will remain partners with them for a very long time. Moreover, because income increases every time the frequency of use by end-users increases, the business is structured so that sales grow in accordance with client enterprises’ growth. This is truly a large-scale pay-per-product business model. In addition, Prestige International is building a competitive advantage in the BPO market by providing services with high added-value.

figure of Pay-per-product model