Environmental Policy

Through our business activities, the Prestige International Group uses its strengths and technologies in promoting initiatives aimed at realizing a decarbonized and resource-recycling society and endeavoring to lessen the burden on the global environment and local communities while the Group carries out activities that harmonize the environment and society. Furthermore, all stakeholders and Group employees are working together to contribute to the realization of a sustainable future.

1Sustainable society

The Prestige International Group preserves the global environment by promoting the reduction of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, as well as other burdens on the global environment, and carries out continuous maintenance and improvements. Accordingly, the Group aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the entire Group (Scope1 + 2) to net zero by 2050, as it endeavors to promote the use of renewable energy and improve energy efficiency within the business activity lifecycle.

2Compliance with laws and regulations

The Prestige International Group complies with legal restraints and regulations related to environmental preservation.

3Development of services that help to reduce the burden on the environment

In addition to endeavoring to develop services and solutions that help to reduce the environmental load and contribute to the development of society through collaboration with the various stakeholders, the Prestige International Group endeavors to have an accurate understanding of the effects and impact of its services on the environment and society while it uses and applies services that give consideration to the environment.

4Educating all employees and promoting environmental preservation activities

The Prestige International Group promotes educational and enlightenment activities for all executive officers and general employees, as well as its trading partners. The Group promotes educational and awareness activities in coordination with environmental preservation and business activities carried out independently by Group executive officers and general employees.

5Promoting community contribution activities

The Prestige International Group coexists with local communities by nurturing partnerships and proactively participating in environmental preservation activities and community and society contribution activities while maintaining dialogs with the members of local communities in order to contribute to those local communities where the Group is expanding its business activities.

6Information disclosure and continuous improvement

In addition to disclosing information about the company’s environment-related business activities and services, the Prestige International Group endeavors to promote and educate others about environmental preservation activities through broad-reaching communication both within and outside the company and using feedback about these activities to make improvements.