Financial Guarantee

Provide peace of mind through highly specialized services that take on risk and respond to needs

Prestige International provides a range of services that guarantee life-related financial products with regard to rent, medical expenses, nursing care expenses, and child support expenses. With real estate management companies, medical institutions, and nursing care facilities as our main clients, the company takes on the risk of nonpayment end users (tenants, users, and others), utilizing the expertise accumulated in these fields to develop unique and original services.

  • Number of contracts for financial guarantee services


  • Number of rent guarantees contracts


  • Number of hospital beds covered by medical expenses guarantee


  • Rent arrears recovery rate


Major Clients (Client Enterprises)

  • Rental home and condominium management and operating companies (Rent guarantee)
  • Paid nursing home operators (nursing care expense guarantee, medical expense guarantee)

Service characteristics

Strictly observing compliance while maintaining a high recovery rate

Even as the number of clients increases each year, Prestige International has maintained high standards, achieving arrears recovery rates of 97% or higher. In addition, the company practices meticulous management and recovery methods with the emphasis on compliance while consistently implementing proper legal measures. Through the accumulation of this knowledge, Prestige International is continuing to meet the needs of client companies and end-users while increasing specialization.

Developing even better services by avoiding risks and reducing burdens

Using Prestige International’s guarantee services enables clients to avoid the latent risks of user liability due to inappropriate reminder/recovery activities. This enables clients to pour energy into developing better products and services for end users, leading directly to the creation of value in the form of continuous peace of mind and trust through the avoidance of risk.

Elevating expertise accumulated in the rent liability guarantee field to original services

Using the company’s rent liability guarantee scheme, Prestige International provides the services of screening, contract management, and assessment visits. In response to the different needs of clients ranging from real estate management companies to insurance companies and consumer credit companies, the company provides order-made flexible solution products, tackling society’s problems head-on.

Details of services/provider companies