Environmental Conservation Activitie

Policy & Basic Approach

In accordance with our Code of Conduct, the Prestige International Group is proactive in efficiently using resources by endeavoring to save resources and energy while also promoting activities to reduce the environmental load. We also strive to raise employee awareness of the environment and undertake climate change countermeasures and environmental conservation activities.


Activity Examples

Introducing LED lighting

LED lighting has been installed at the BPO center that was constructed since the opening of the Yamagata BPO Park in November 2013.

Centers where LED-lighting has already been installed

Akita BPO Main Campus, Akita BPO Yokote Campus, Akita BPO Nikaho Campus, Yamagata BPO Park, Toyama BPO Town, and Niigata BPO Uonuma Terrace

* The switch to LED lighting has been completed, except for some facilities where the lighting is currently being switched to LED.

In addition, circadian lighting has been installed in some areas of the Akita BPO Yokote Campus, the Yamagata BPO Park, and the Akita BPO Nikaho Campus in order to save energy and to realize a comfortable environment that takes biological rhythms into consideration.

Beach-Cleaning Activities

Prestige International Aranmare Akita (women’s basketball team) regularly carries out beach-cleaning activities as part of the co-creation activities with team uniform partner Jera Co., Inc. Aranmare Akita team members and Prestige International employees, along with local community members and municipal government staff, participate in these activities, picking up trash left on beaches while enjoying exchange at the same time.

Past Event (Aranmare Akita)

5th Sep 10, 2022 @Yurihonjo City(Michi-no-Eki Iwaki)
4th Jun 4, 2022 @Noshiro City(former Noshiro Beach)
3th Apr 23, 2022 @Akita City(Araya Seaside Park)
2th Sep 18, 2022 @Yurihonjo City(Michi-no-Eki Iwaki)
1th Apr 17, 2022 @Akita City(Araya Seaside Park)

Collecting Plastic Bottle Caps

Plastic Bottle collection boxes have been installed at BPO centers and the Tokyo Headquarters, and the collected caps are sent to NPOs and other organizations.

Number of Plastic Bottle caps collected (total sent as of September 2022)

Tokyo Headquarters: 1,686
Akita BPO Main Campus: 1,000,152
Akita BPO Yokote Campus: 54,739
Akita BPO Nikaho Campus: 19,608
Yamagata BPO Park: 43,860

* Burning this amount of bottle caps as garbage would produce approx. 8,203 kg of CO2.

Collecting Contact Lenses Cases

Prestige International is participating in the Eyecity Eco Project, installing contact lens cases collection boxes at BPO centers and the Tokyo Headquarters.

Amount of Collecting Contact Lenses Cases (total sent as of September 2022)

Tokyo Headquarters: 0.64kg

Other Activities

  • Reuse events held at BPO centers (used clothes collection etc.)
  • Cleanup activities (picking up trash around BPO centers and in neighboring areas)
  • Exhibited at the Toyama Environment Fair 2021 on the Web (Aranmare)

Future Initiatives

As stated in our declaration of support for TCFD (Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures), Prestige International is promoting the introduction of renewable energy and switching the company’s assistance service vehicles to electric vehicles.

In addition, as was announced on June 15, 2022, in the Notification of Basic Design Decisions Regarding Construction of the New Iwate BPO Center (tentative name), the Iwate BPO Center (tentative name)—which is scheduled to open in April 2024—is positioned within the Prestige International Group as a carbon neutral model facility and will be installed with the latest environmentally friendly facilities and equipment centering on the use of renewable energy.

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