Prestige International offers a range of services based on the theme that "warranty" is synonymous with "guarantee." This is an area of business with opportunities in every field that caters to the needs of the time.

To reduce clients' management risks, achieve business streamlining and ensure that end users (consumers) can receive service with peace of mind for years to come, Prestige International provides a range of services based on the theme that "warranty" is synonymous with "guarantee." Our services currently focus on covering extended warranties for automobiles, rental guarantees, extended warranties for household equipment and nursing care expense guarantees.

Prestige International Group offers a wide range of services to car manufacturers and dealerships. From approaching potential customers to following-up with existing customers, we are able to provide one-stop service.

Strict Adherence to Compliance while Maintaining High Collection Rates

Through innovations such as the introduction of a rent payment credit service and support for reminders via SMS (mobile phone short mail) we use different mechanisms and expertise to achieve high collection rates. We have also established systems where expert lawyers with whom we have concluded partner agreements across Japan undertake legal responses and proceedings from a compliance-focused perspective.

Achieving the Essential Combination of Mitigating Legal Risks and Vastly Reducing Operational Load

When inappropriate demands or collection activities cause mental suffering or other adverse effects on the part of service users, business operators may be exposed to employer's liability. By introducing the warranty products offered by Prestige International Group, it is possible to avoid legal risks in terms of reminders and collections. In addition, as the client is subsequently freed from the extensive time and effort of reminder and collection activities, they can focus on their core business.

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