We provide IT infrastructure for contact business that we have developed and evolved ourselves.

Prestige International Group has independently developed and operated contact center telephone switchboard (PBX) systems, mission-critical systems for each business, automated dispatch systems, appraisal systems and so on. We provide this contact service-related IT infrastructure to companies that maintain their own contact centers.

Providing IT Infrastructure that Specializes in Contact Services

Contact services are at the core of Prestige International's business. Since our founding, we have served as a hub connecting clients with end users and resolved end users' troubles. In order to resolve as many issues as possible at the same time, we have pursued efficiency, safety and accuracy while further developing IT mechanisms independently. We provide the IT infrastructure best suited to contact services full of such expertise and knowledge to operating companies that maintain their own contact centers.

New Possibilities Achieved with Cloud and Mobile

With the advent of cloud computing and mobile devices, the possibilities available to us have expanded all at once. On the user side, links with operating companies are strengthened with the installation of apps on mobile devices. With inquiries during emergencies, car maintenance information, acquisition of the latest information, the sharing of GPS-based positional information and remote monitoring, mobile technologies and the cloud are transforming the future of contact services.

Strengths in SCM(Supply Chain Management) Systems

Supply chain management (SCM) is the most important competitive strategy of a company. Businesses need to strike a balance between shorter delivery times and the attainment of appropriate inventory levels. We have combine our long-standing strength in CRM solutions with SCM systems to help customers maximize their potential.

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