Temporary Worker/Other

We create value using "people" as the theme, contributing to society through human resources, temporary workers, nursing care, child education and other endeavors.

Based on the maximum utilization of the BPO business operation expertise and networks it has built up over many years, Prestige International engages in a human resource business that boasts strength in a unique human solution business that fuses training functions. In the same way, we also engage in nursing care-related business, child development support business, English language communication business aimed at children, and other projects.

Actively Deploying the Services Needed Around the World, Today

Modern society faces myriad issues. While Prestige International has to date contributed to society by supporting companies primarily through its BPO business undertakings, in the future we will form unique operating companies to simultaneously provide the services and businesses society needs.

Human Resource Solutions Business Able to Support Various Job Categories

In addition to call center staff, we are able to support many job categories. Utilizing our experience supporting a wide range of companies as a pioneering BPO operating company, we are able to dispatch and introduce high-quality human resources.

Well-received Original Programs!Nursing Care-related Services

Premier Care Inc., which operates nursing card support services, provides support for nursing care with unique plans and methods. With innovations such as the "Rehab Space" entertainment-oriented nursing care facility, which fuses rehabilitation with entertainment, we contribute to society with services devised from the perspective of those receiving nursing care.

B-to-C Services
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