We contribute to society by creating value based on the theme of "people" such as women's sports teams and childcare businesses.

We have positioned our women's sports team "Aranmare" and our childcare business "Orangery" as social contribution projects.
We believe that our company's growth can be realized by revitalizing the local cities where our BPO sites are located.
With the support of the local community, "Aranmare" aims to give back energy and vitality through women's activities and "Orangery" supports people who work while raising children in the community.
In the midst of the many challenges that are in society, we will realize a contribution to the community that goes one step beyond the creation of employment through these businesses.

Leading to the Solution of Social Problems through Sports by "Aranmare" the Women's Sports Teams

We have established a basketball team at Akita BPO Main Campus, a volleyball team at Yamagata BPO Park and a handball team at Toyama BPO Town.
As creating the new model, we believe it can be used for link up the community and support them.
We aim to further regional revitalize by engaging in the activities to root the local communities and creating an employment for young people and women that they can work with their dreams.

Childcare Business "Orangery" Changes the Working Style of the Local People

We have nursery schools in our BPO sites to provide an environment which people can work feel secured and close to child-rearing.
In order to grow together with the local community, we will contribute to the growth of the local community by addressing employment issues and creating jobs for those people who cannot go to work because they do not have a place to leave their small children.
We are working to solve the problems of the entire local community so that not only our employees but the local people can also use our service.