Property Assistance

We provide comprehensive support for the various troubles that occur at residences and parking lots (coin parking and car sharing).

The property assistance business offers two services, a home assistance service to support all manner of troubles related to homes including water leaks, locksmith services and house cleaning, as well as a parking assistance service to support the troubles that occur at coin parking and car sharing stations along with maintenance and inspection operations. Our main clients include real estate management companies, parking lot operators and car sharing service operators.

Trouble Resolution Process Extensive Range of Services

Calls are handled 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The home assistance service offers a wide range of support including emergency support (call-out service), minor repair support (repair program) and extended warranties on household equipment (free for 5 years). The parking assistance service provides emergency and inspection services through rescue and patrol teams and can also perform money collection and cleaning services.

We directly employ dedicated staff that are dispatched to anywhere in Japan!

The staff dispatched to deal with trouble are all dedicated staff members employed as full-time Prestige International Group employees who have all undergone advanced training and accumulated experience in the field. Our staff rush to bring smiles to the faces of end-users, our clients' customers.

Supporting Customers with Call Staff that Boast an Extremely Low Turnover Rate

We take pride in the extremely low turnover rate for our call staff, which is just 11%. Achieving long-term employment enables service stability and high-quality support.

Detailed Information
Major Clients (Client Enterprises)