Customer Support

We serve as a hub between clients and end users, providing customer support that leads to the success of customer businesses.

The customer support business is largely divided into three services. The first is a CRM service that provides customer support services for mail order companies and the like and database marketing expertise such as purchase data analysis. The second is an accident reception service for emergency requests from policy holders who are the customers of nonlife insurance companies. The third is an issuance and operation service for the unique Premio Card credit card, which allows Japanese employees stationed overseas (in the United States, China and Hong Kong) to make payments in local currency.

Strengths in High-Quality Support and Database Marketing

In addition to high-quality customer contact services developed through dealings with high-end clients, including overseas brands, we support client businesses through analyses of things like purchase data. As well as contact support services that support all manner of devices including telephone, web, fax and apps, we analyze information that has been converted into databases to create new opportunities.

Premio Card Allowing Payments in Local Foreign Currency

Premio Card is a strong ally to Japanese employees stationed overseas. When people use credit cards brought from Japan, exchange fees are incurred. As Premio Card allows payments to be made in the local currency, no exchange fees are incurred. In addition, as we have set up emergency lines that provide 24-hour support in Japanese in the event of an emergency, card holders can lead more enriched lives overseas. The unique expertise built up by Prestige International Group is provided to major airlines.

Business Patented Solution: Premier Value Up

Premier Value Up is a new business patented model that connects the needs of three parties, namely the companies that maintain points, their members and the companies providing products and services. This model connects major airlines, overseas brands and major credit card companies to enhance the value of each. There is also overseas demand for such mechanisms in places such as China and Taiwan, expanding opportunities to a global scale.

Detailed Information
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