We serve as a hub between clients and end users, providing customer support that leads to the success of customer businesses.

We provide our contact center to the clients as their customer support which is the main business of the segment as well as the Product Extended Warranties, home contents insurance administration centers, and staffing services with integrated training programs. In many cases, CRM service is the first point of contact with the clients and is able to propose further service improvements to them through the business. This business is positioned as research and development (R&D) to create our unique businesses.

Strengths in High-Quality Support and Database Marketing

In addition to high-quality customer contact services developed through dealings with high-end clients, including overseas brands, we support client businesses through analyses of things like purchase data. As well as contact support services that support all manner of devices including telephone, web, fax and apps, we analyze information that has been converted into databases to create new opportunities.

Product Warranty Business that Leverages PI's Uniqueness

We accept repair requests and arrange repairs/replacements for devices such as game consoles and smartphones/tablets.
In order to increase the number of contracts for warranted devices, we are applying the three pillars which are BPO bases, IT systems and repair networks to establish a competitive edge and aim to realize an integrated service that handles everything.

Human Resource Solutions Business Able to Support Various Job Categories

In addition to call center staff, we are able to support many job categories. Utilizing our experience supporting a wide range of companies as a pioneering BPO operating company, we are able to dispatch and introduce high-quality human resources.

Detailed Information
Major Clients (Client Enterprises)