Roadside Assistance

When a customer experiences car trouble, we provide emergency on-site assistance, vehicle towing and arrange alternative means of transportation.

Our main clients are nonlife insurance companies, car manufacturers and car dealerships. To respond to calls for emergency assistance from end users (the customers of these companies as insured vehicle owners and vehicle purchases, etc.), our business offers 24-hour, year-round customer contact services and roadside assistance services.

We directly operate field teams in major cities around Japan

Prestige International operates its in-house brand, PREMIER Assist, at 27 locations in major cities across Japan. Premiere Assist boasts a total fleet of 139 vehicles and 150 staff employees. What's more, all our staff are full-time employees!
Working based on the concept of "providing care services to people," we offer attentive customer-oriented hospitality, such as carrying portable hand warmers and wet towels in winter.

Paa-s Automated Assistance Arrangement System

The conventional GPS terminal based assistance arrangement system has been integrated with the Paa-S application for Android terminals.
Dispatch requests that meet certain conditions are automated to streamline the efficiency in arranging the increasing number of dispatch requests.
With this system, we can rush out to support customers in a speedier fashion.

Outstanding Training System

The staff who deal with customers on-site are given thorough training that enables them to provide service as a concierge. Our policy is to provide the highest level of service when trouble arises.

Detailed Information
Major Clients (Client Enterprises)