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Company Name Prestige International Inc.
Establishment October 1986
Capital 1,486 million yen (as of March 31, 2019)
Listed Market First Section of the TSE (Securities code:4290)
Address Tokyo Head quarterMAP
2-4-1 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083, Japan
TEL:+81-3-5213-0220 (Main)FAX:+81-3-5213-0221
Akita BPO CampusMAP
1-172 Torikimachi, Araya, Akita-city, Akita 010-1633, Japan
TEL:+81-18-888-9333 (Main)FAX:+81-18-888-9030
Akita BPO Yokote CampusMAP
4-3 Yanagida,Yokote-city,Akita 013-0054, Japan
TEL:+81-18-227-1111 (Main)FAX:+81-18-227-1112
Yamagata BPO GardenMAP
4-1-1 Kyoden, Sakata-city, Yamagata 998-0102, Japan
TEL:+81-234-41-2111 (Main)FAX:+81-234-41-2112
Toyama BPO TownMAP
846-1 Kurokawa Imizu-city, Toyama, 939-0311 Japan
TEL:+81-766-57-3000 (Main)FAX:+81-766-57-4400
Description of Business Business Process Outsourcing Service
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Property Assistance
  • Insurance BPO
  • Warranty
  • IT solutions
  • Customer Support
  • Temporary Worker/Other
Number of Employee 3,671 (consolidated)
Locations 22 bases in 18 countries  Our Group
Board of Directors
Shinichi Tamagami
Hiroshi Sekine
Mayumi Watanabe
Director (External)
Shiro Hayashi
Director (External)
Kanako Iwase
Auditor (Full-time)
Yutaka Ishino
Auditor (Full-time)
Kazuyuki Ichijo
Izumi Kando
Katsuhiko Hara
(as of June 25, 2019)