Company Profile


1986 October Prestige International is established in Tokyo (Chiyoda-ku) with an Overseas Japanese Assistance Service contract
1987 April Japanese Assistance Service for the credit card industry is launched; 24-hour operations center opens in San Francisco as a branch office
1988 June Singapore office is established
July Japanese Assistance Service for overseas travel insurance industry is launched
1989 May Hong Kong office is established
June 24x7 operations center in San Francisco is relocated
November Sydney branch office is established
1990 March Tokyo office goes 24x7; lost/stolen credit card reporting desk/credit card authorization service for merchants are launched
1991 April Insurance claims agent service expands worldwide
1992 February London office is established
March Roadside assistance service is launched in Tokyo´s 24x7 center
1993 May Tokyo office relocates to Hiroo, Shibuya-ku
1994 October Multilingual operations are launched in the United States to support MasterCard International cardholders
1995 January Call center services are launched to support foreign catalog companies in Japan
June Tokyo office relocates to Hatsudai, Shibuya-ku
2000 September Principal place of business is changed from Chiyoda-ku to Shibuya-ku
2001 April Healthcare program service commences for Japanese expatriates
July Prestige International is listed on NASDAQ Japan Market (December 16, 2001: NASDAQ Japan Market changes its name to Hercules)
2003 October Akita Contact Center opens (April 2006, name changes to Akita BPO Campus, West Building)
2004 March Prestige Human Solution Inc. is established, and begins operating as a temporary-employment agency
July Invests in Time Commerce Co., Ltd. which becomes a subsidiary
August Tokyo headquarters are relocated from Shibuya-ku to Chiyoda-ku
September Shanghai, ROC office is established
2005 April Premier RS is established for roadside assistance services
2006 February Business issuing local currency-denominated credit cards commences in Hong Kong.

All Assist Co., Ltd. is established as a rental guarantee service.
March Premier Insurance Planning is established as preparatory company, with aim of starting a small-amount, short-term insurance business.
August Rebuilds network for entire private sector dealing with roadside assistance services, enhances management systems, and establishes Premier Lotas Network Inc. for industry development
October Business issuing local currency-denominated credit cards commences in China
2007 April Second BPO center is established in Akita city, name changes to Akita BPO Campus (East Building)
Housing related assistance service is commenced
October Bangkok office becomes local corporation
2009 May Premier Property Service launched management surpport service for the company providing multiple dwelling house and car parking.
2010 February Entrust Inc. becomes a subsidiary company
July Premier Assist West Inc. is established as a roadside assistance company.
October Premier RS Inc. changes its name to Premier Assist East Inc..

Premier Assist West Inc.starts operation.
2011 February Premier Network Inc. established as a subsidiary company
Triple Ace Inc. became an affiliated company for the purpose of providing care services.
June Premier Park Assist Inc. is established to provide car parking management services.
July Premier X-Value Inc. is established for the purpose of providing value-added services utilizing various communications infrastructures such as the internet.
2012 February Sao Paulo Representative Office is incorporated.
April Prime Assistance Inc is established as a joint company with NKSJ holdings to provide roadside assistance services.
May Triple Ace Inc. becomes a subsidiary company.
July Premier Lotas Network Inc. becomes a subsidiary company.
December Prestige International Inc. is listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
2013 February Prestige International Inc. is delisted from JASDAQ standard market of Osaka Securities Exchange
July AppGT Inc. is established and becomes a subsidiary company to develop and offer the services for software-application development companies.
October Premier Network Inc. changes its name to Premier IT solution Inc. to develop and manage IT systems.
Yamagata BPO Garden is established in Sakata-city, Yamagata prefecture.
December Prestige International Inc. changes its listing from the TSE 2nd Section to the 1st Section.
2014 April Exigen Asia Pacific Inc. changes its name to Premier Mobile Solution Inc. and adds developing and managing application utilized mobile technologies to its business contents.
August Akita BPO Campus Nikaho Branch opens in Nikaho-city, Akita Prefecture.
Taiwan Representative Office is incorporated.
October Premier Aid Inc. is established to provide emergency calls and reporting services utilizing telematics.
November Philippines Representative Office is incorporated.
2015 April Toyama BPO Town is established in Imizu-city, Toyama Prefecture.
JAPANESE HELP DESK INC. is established for the purpose of providing health care program.
Premier Assist West Inc. merges with Premier Assist East Inc., and changed its name to Premier Assist Inc.
Premier IT Solution inc. changes its name to Premier IT&Process management Inc.
June All Assist Co., Ltd. changes its name to Premier LIfe Inc.
October Tokyo Headquarters is relocated to Kojimachi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, consolidating the two offices into one
2016 April The second construction of Toyama BPO Town was finished. Operation started with full-scale.
November PI Insurance Planning inc. is established as a subsidiary to prevail and sell Healthcare program of Insuarance BPO.
December Our subsidiary, Entrust Inc. is listed on TSE.
2017 March First Living Assistance Co., Ltd. is established with Nomura Real Estate Holdings as an affiliated company to offer home assistance services of property assistance.