Investor Relations

Message from Our CEO

Prestige International Inc. CEO, Shinichi Tamagami

Prestige International Inc.
CEO, Shinichi Tamagami

Our business began in 1986, with the simple idea of identifying life's inconveniences and resolving them.

We learn about the needs of consumers, our end users, through our corporate clients. Based on this knowledge, we have built our business by rapidly creating new and high value-added services.

Going forward, we continue to create new businesses, always listening to the requests of our end users and identifying their needs.

In addition, we seek to build a business foundation that is less susceptible to the external environment and to meet the expectation of every shareholder and investor by raising the company value. Specifically, we aim to not only improve performance through segment changes, but also to better differentiate ourselves through enhanced service quality and active investment to expand our existing businesses.

We respectfully ask for the support and encouragement of our investors, as we pursue these initiatives.