Board of Directors’ Effectiveness Evaluation

At Prestige International, the Board of Directors Secretariat distributes a questionnaire to all directors and all auditors and summarizes the questionnaire results, which are then analyzed and evaluated by the Board of Directors.
The results of the questionnaire from May 2022 found the status of the board’s composition, operation, and deliberations was appropriate overall, and the board was evaluated as effectively fulfilling its role and functions.
Summarizing the results of this year’s evaluation, the board found that the issues identified from the questionnaire of the previous year—further refinement of proposals and time allocation—have been resolved. However, with regard to specific proposals and issues regarding the number and composition of directors and securing time for deliberations, improvements need to continue, and the plan is to further enhance the effectiveness of the Board of Directors while also enhancing deliberations.

Comparison of questionnaire results for 2021 and 2022

Board of Directors' Effectiveness Evaluation Questionnaire Items

  1. Performance of duties: Items related to the performance of the duties of directors and auditors
  2. Effectiveness: Items related to the overall effectiveness of the Board of Directors
  3. Composition: Items related to the composition of the Board of Directors and the Board of Auditors
  4. Operational status: Items related to the operational status of the Board of Directors
  5. Deliberations: Items related to the deliberations of the Board of Directors
  6. Supports: Items related to support for directors and auditors
  7. Other: Securing a system for promoting constructive dialogs with stakeholders and others