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Together with Society

Prestige International Group regards contributions to local communities as an important element of its basic strategy, by creating employment opportunities for young people and women in regional cities to work with aspiration. Our regional locations, the Akita BPO Campus, Yamagata BPO Garden and Toyama BPO Town are key sites that support our operations.
As a company that progresses hand-in-hand with local communities, we are uniquely positioned to tackle solutions to regional issues.

The sports activities in a community

Out of desire to bring sense of unity and vitality to the region, Prestige International established a women's basketball team at Akita BPO campus in 2015, a women's volley ball team at Yamagata BPO Garden, and a women's handball team at Toyama BPO Town in 2016.
By hiring young people as employees who wish to continue with sports, Prestige International creates an environment in which young generations can return to their hometowns without any concern and provide more opportunities for women to flourish.

Team "Aranmare"

The same team name for all three teams "Aranmare" is coined by integrating "arancia" which means orange and "mare" which means the ocean in Italian. We named it like this because the corporate color inspired oranges, which grow under the sun shine, and we imagine local areas which face the sea. In addition, we put thought that we want to revitalize the areas by cheerful teams with full of smiles into the name.

Akita Women's Basketball Team
Akita Women´s Basketball Team

The team has played as a works team of Prestige International since 2015 and will join regional Leagues in 2018. Their goal is to become a member of the Women's Japan Basketball League Organization and join the W-League.

Yamagata Volleyball Team
Yamagata Volleyball Team

The team became a member of the Japan Volleyball League in 2015 and since this season they join the V・LEAGUE V2 LEAGUE made by the league reform. They eager to be promoted to V1 League.

Toyama Handball Team
Toyama Handball Team

The Team was established in 2016 and joined Japan Handball League in 2017. Now they are aiming to get a playoff berth fought by top 4 teams.

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Working Environment

Working Environment

Prestige International places an importance on creating a workplace environment in which employees can work long-term with peace of mind and in comfort. To this end, the Akita BPO Campus and Yamagata BPO Garden have been fully equipped with facilities such as a day care center, cafeteria and employee dormitory.

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